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Wire Mesh Products has a national network of preferred WMP suppliers who have worked with wire mesh product as a specialty building material and can easily install your project at the local level. WMP can also create a custom install solution for specific project needs.

Wire-Mesh Products offers the following install solutions:

Grip Lock® Channel Systems Whether you are creating a partition for your salon or providing an accent back drop for a hostess stand at a restaurant, WMP has just the right solution for you — s-hooks, c-hooks and j-hooks to name a few.

Decorative Mockett™ Brand Fasteners Give that old office furniture a face-lift to look brand new or provide a color or chrome accent to a wall or ceiling, Mocket™ brand fasteners provide you with that finished decorative look. Mocket™ brand fasteners can provide a snug fit, create spacers and extend your wall or ceiling or create variable spacing.

Custom Frames and Edge Finishes Create a solid edge to our wire mesh metal weave fabric or create a bold accent to our stainless steel or chrome finished mesh by framing in matching finish or a bold color. Wire mesh product frames come in paper thin frames to 6 inch decorative borders. We can customize a edge or frame to create the look you want.

Weld and Shape Pattern Install Wire Mesh is a loose, flexible, metal fabric which can form into about any shape you desire. Creating an s-curve for a backdrop of an exhibit to a straight fixed sheet of mesh for a wall or ceiling panel, WMP can edge and spot-weld your wire mesh order to make it fixed, less supple or spot weld just one area of the mesh for effect. When hanging wire mesh draperies or curtains, WMP can weld these pieces into place for safety, security or just the finished look you desire.